Cell Culture

Cell Culture

Traditionally, real-time data about monolayer and low-volume suspension cell cultures has not been available. Our ID • Sensors are creating a new paradigm where real-time pH and dissolved oxygen data is at your fingertips for every single T-flask. 

Affordable ID • Developer’s Kits are available for a wide range of T-flask and shake flask sizes and ID • Sensor patches can be added to multi-well dishes and other culture plates.

Actionable, data-driven insights you can gain:

  • When it’s time to split your cells
  • How often you should replace the media
  • How well-buffered your media is
  • If dissolved oxygen levels are where they should be for your cell type and experimental objective
  • How agitation has impacted dissolved oxygen levels, and so much more!

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We manufacture and distribute a range of cutting-edge optical sensors and desktop production
systems to help you recognize and reduce failures earlier in the process — so that you can
discover and create more effective therapies faster.


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