ID • Developer’s kit

ID • Developer’s kit

ID Developer's Kit

When Your Culture System is Unique

Everything you need for real-time, non-invasive monitoring in one kit: optical sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen (DO), readers and software. Add your cell culture system and watch the data pour in. 

  • ID • Sensor pH
  • ID • Sensor DO
  • ID • Reader
  • ID • Converter
  • ID • Data Hub
Product Specification Sheet

Use with

  • Shake Flask
  • petri dish multi-well plate
  • Bioreactor Microvessel
  • Custom Bioreactor

How can I incorporate optical sensors in my custom cell / tissue / organ culture system?

The ID • Developer’s Kit is well-suited for a wide range of custom microbial and mammalian cell culture systems.

  • ID • Sensor pH and ID • Sensor DO can be as small as 4mm in diameter to fit even the smallest culture systems. Attach the sensor to the bottom inner surface of your culture vessel.
  • ID • Reader is placed below a flat glass or plastic surface within 1cm from the smallest sensor and can be further away for larger sensors. Sensor placement is parallel to ID • Reader.
  • ID • Data Hub software loaded onto your laptop collects data through the ID • Converter.


  • Real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Non-invasive and biocompatible
  • Single use, disposable
  • State-of-the-art fluorescence technology
  • High resolution and unmatched accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Durable reader design resistant to spills and harsh environments
  • Long sensor half-life
  • Up to 2 ID • Sensors per ID • Reader
  • Up to 4 ID • Readers per ID • Converter


  • Automatic patch type detection
  • Real-time monitoring of up to 8 sensors
  • pH and DO graphical display
  • Data acquisition
  • Review, save and export data
  • Programmable scan intervals

Watch what you can learn about your cell culture!

When optical sensor technology and biomedical application expertise come together.


Measurement Range6-8 pH0 – 100% DO
Accuracy1.5% at pH 7 pH0.2% full scale DO
Resolution± 0.01 at pH 7 pH± 0.1% at 21% O2 DO
Response Time<15 sec
Temperature Range+5 to +50 °C
Drift< or = 0.005 pH per day at 1 minute scan interval pH
CalibrationPre-calibrated; recalibration is possible
SterilizationAutoclave, gamma irradiation; inquire about other methods
Sensor Life45 days (continuous monitoring), several months (intermittent monitoring)
Shelf Life12 months
Sensor Dimensions10mm x 10mm x 0.3mm, Custom Dimensions Available
Scan interval10 seconds or greater
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
Warranty24 Months


ID • Developer's Kit – pH and DO includes:

  • ID • Sensor pH – Four 10mm x 10mm x 0.3mm square sensors, non-sterile, pre-calibrated
  • ID • Sensor DO – Four 10mm x 10mm x 0.3mm square sensors, non-sterile, pre-calibrated
  • ID • Reader
  • ID • Converter
  • ID • Data Hub


Additional ID • Reader (up to 3 additional ID • Readers for a total of 4 per ID • Converter) 


Additional ID • Sensors pH – 10mm x 10mm x 0.3mm square, pack of 10


Additional ID • Sensors DO – 10mm x 10mm x 0.3mm square, pack of 10


Fiber optic reader

Please inquire

Flow through cell

Please inquire

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