ID • Reactor- Mammalian

ID • Reactor- Mammalian

ID Reactor - Mammalian

Scaleup Ready Mammalian Cell Culture

Protein expression in mammalian cells produces therapeutics with all the correct post translational modifications and native structure. Mammalian cell cultures for biotech and pharma therapeutics are initially studied in process scouting devices such as micro-bioreactor vessels.


Due to high cost, fragility and low therapeutics production, mammalian cell cultures require careful scaleup design for transitions from bench to pilot and full scale manufacturing. Real time, non-invasive monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) in the tri-station ID • Reactor-Mammalian provides actionable insights for screening culture conditions and getting your process scaleup-ready.

  • ID • Reactor-Mammalian with integrated ID • Readers and impellers for agitation, bioreactor vessels with ID • Sensors, ID • Converter and ID • Data Hub.
Product Specification Sheet

Use with

  • Bioreactor Microvessel

How Does the ID Reactor - Mammalian work?

The ID • Reactor – Mammalian is the right testbed for getting your culture scaleup ready.
  • ID • Sensor pH and ID • Sensor DO are securely attached to the bottom of the bioreactor vessels.
  • Three ID • Readers are embedded into the ID.Reactor – Mammalian platform. Bioreactor vessels with ID • Sensors are placed on top of ID • Readers. Actuated impellers are inserted into the vessels for agitation.
  • ID • Data Hub software loaded onto your laptop collects pH and DO data through the ID • Converter for each of the bioreactor vessels.


Sensor Advantages
  • Real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Non-invasive and biocompatible
  • Single use, disposable
  • State-of-the-art fluorescence technology
  • High resolution and unmatched accuracy
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Long sensor half-life




Reactor-Mammalian Features

  • Three disposable 25ml bioreactor vessels
  • Cylindrical bioreactor vessels that provide similar stoichiometry to production-scale bioreactors
  • Compatible with 7 – 90ml working volume reusable vessels
  • Controllable bioreactor vessel heating to physiologic temperatures
  • Flow rate of up to four different gases (N2, CO2, O2 and room air) set with micro solenoid valves
  • Programmable agitation from 200 to 500 rpm
  • Three ID • Readers embedded into the platform for individual bioreactor vessel monitoring
  • Portable system with small footprint, 10.5”W x 10.5”H x10”D for the ID • Reactor-Mammalian and 6.75”W x 2.5”H x 7.0”D for the power interface
Data Hub
  • Automatic sensor type detection
  • pH and DO graphical display
  • Data acquisition
  • Review, save and export data
  • Programmable scan intervals

Watch what you can learn about your cell culture!

When optical sensor technology and biomedical application expertise come together.


Measurement Range6 – 8 pH0 – 100% DO
Accuracy1.5% at pH 7 pH0.2% full scale DO
Resolution± 0.01 at pH 7 pH± 0.01% at 21% O2 DO
Response Time<15 sec
Temperature Range+5 to +50 °C
Drift<0.005 per day at pH 7 and 1 min sampling interval pH
CalibrationPre-calibrated; recalibration is possible
SterilizationAutoclave (one time), ethylene oxide, gamma irradiation
(recalibration may be required after sterilization)
Sensor Life45 days (continuous monitoring), several months (intermittent monitoring)
Shelf Life6 months
Sensor Dimensions10mm x 10mm, Custom Dimensions Available
Scan interval10 seconds or greater
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
Warranty24 Months


ID • Reactor - Mammalian includes:

  • Bioreactor frame with qty 3: ID • Readers, agitation impellers, actuators, peristaltic pumps and ID • Converter
  • Re-useable glass bioreactor vessels with working volume between 20-60ml (qty 9)
  • ID • Sensor pH and ID • Sensor DO (qty 12)
  • ID • Data Hub

ID • Reactor – Mammalian 


ID • Reactor – Mammalian  with three peristaltic pumps for liquids additions


ID • Reactor – Mammalian  with six peristaltic pumps for liquids additions


Additional ID • Sensors pH – 10mm x 10mm square, pack of 10


Additional ID • Sensors DO – 10mm x 10mm square, pack of 10


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