Intelligent, Dynamic
(ID) Products

SBI’s proprietary intelligent and dynamic (ID) closed-loop system allows for cells to call for their own oxygen and nutrients — which dramatically improves accuracy in monitoring cell growth, and ultimately developing new classes of drugs and artificial tissue.
Real-time sensing, agitation, and environmental control help you determine the optimal culture conditions for your cells. SBI’s ID instruments provide you the data you need for designing your experiments.

ID Developer's Kit

When Your Culture System is Unique

Everything you need for real-time, non-invasive monitoring in one kit: optical sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen (DO), readers and software. Add your cell culture system and watch the data pour in. 

  • ID • Sensor pH
  • ID • Sensor DO
  • ID • Reader
  • ID • Converter
  • ID • Data Hub
Product Specification Sheet
Use with
  • Shake Flask
  • petri dish multi-well plate
  • Bioreactor Microvessel
  • Custom Bioreactor

Rocking and Instrumented T-Flasks are Better Flasks

Use With
The Intelligent Shake Flask
Use With
  • Shake Flask
Optical Sensors With Your Own Shaker
Use With
  • Shake Flask
Software for Optical Sensors

Need Help Choosing the Right Product?

We design and manufacture a range of cutting-edge optical sensors and desktop production systems to help you recognize and reduce failures earlier in the process — so that you can discover and create more effective therapies faster.


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