ID • Data Hub

ID • Data Hub

ID Data Hub

Software for Optical Sensors. Optical Sensor Data Analytics Starts Here

ID • Data Hub is the software that talks with our optical sensors and gathers data. 


You can auto-detect the type of sensor you are using, pH or dissolved oxygen, select data collection mode, watch live data display, and record data. 


ID • Data Hub can track up to 8 sensors, and all sensors are provided pre-calibrated and ready for use.  


You can operate the software either in single or scan mode. Single mode will capture single data points that are manually initiated, while scan mode will gather data at 10-second or higher intervals. ID Sensor data can be recorded through the software’s data acquisition feature and exported for further analysis.


Live data display allows you to fully customize how the ID Sensor data is displayed so you can make well-informed decisions about your cultures based on your desired outcomes. And if you’d like to monitor your data remotely, you can utilize your favorite remote desktop 3rd party software platform and check on your cultures even when you are not in the lab.


Real-time pH and dissolved oxygen data is now available with easy to use and intuitive ID • Data Hub that is compatible with Windows 7/8/10.


ID ▪ Developer’s Kit, ID ▪ Shaker, ID ▪ Rocker, ID ▪ Rocker Studio, ID ▪ Reactor-Mammalian, and ID ▪ Reactor-Microbial.


Quick Setup in 5 Steps

  • Check connection with ID· Reader(s)
  • Select Mode, Single or Scan
  • If Scan, set up Scan Interval
  • Click on Read to start
  • Review data
Live Data Display
  • Choose the ID · Sensor data you want to display
  • Adjust time interval and scales
  • Customize display parameters
  • Observe trends and gain insights
Data Acquisition
  • Record data from up to 8 ID· Sensors
  • Single or Scan mode data
  • Programmable scan intervals
  • Save and export data

Watch what you can learn about your cell culture!

Actionable, data-driven insights are powered by ID • Data Hub

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