Low-volume vessels used for therapeutics development often lack real-time biosensing. R&D of biologics such as vaccines, blood components, cells, genes, and recombinant proteins is time-consuming and costly.

Introducing real-time data about key factors such as pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) early in the development process can fast-track your project and reveal sub-optimal conditions you were not aware of.

Whether you’re growing primary cells, cell lines, or microbial cultures, you start with low-volume vessels such as petri dishes, flasks and well plates to find the most promising experimental design.

Our optical sensors can help you:

  • Screen cultures with higher confidence to help you reduce time and cost
  • Provide reliable data for reproducible results with scaleup

Depending on your culture vessel, we offer a wide range of products and accessories  to choose from. ID • Flow Through Cell monitors pH and DO in perfusion loops, while the ID • External Star Adaptor enables measurements in hard-to-reach spots of a bioreactor or shake flask. And the multichannel ID • Fiber Optic Probe allows for multiple measurements from a single bioreactor port.

Need Help Choosing the Right Product?

We manufacture and distribute a range of cutting-edge optical sensors and desktop production
systems to help you recognize and reduce failures earlier in the process — so that you can
discover and create more effective therapies faster.


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