What we do

We Know Your
Job Is Tough

You work hard to modulate cells and their environment and
have very little real-time feedback on how your experiments
are going.

What we do

We Are Here To Help

We develop sensor technologies and instruments to help you with that. Our goal is to design leading-edge instruments that make your work easier, your experiments more reproducible, and your culture conditions better suited for your experimental objectives.

Gain Actionable Data-Driven Insights

Real-Time pH and Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Data Transforms Cell Culture

Our cutting-edge optical sensors and desktop production systems provide you real-time data on how your cells are doing so that you can identify successful and problematic cultures quickly and make any necessary adjustments earlier in the process. Whether you are developing cell-based therapies, discovering new drugs, or engineering tissues and organs, our optical sensor technologies and suite of products are here to support your work.

Scale Faster

As the industry is on the precipice of a scalability revolution, SBI is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art instruments, strategies and technologies to expedite the production of viable cells with a streamlined process and product consistency.

Real-Time Data
at Any Scale

For the first time, with SBI’s systems, researchers are able to get real-time data on DO and pH that heretofore was only possible with large scale vessels. Our ID-Sensors and systems upgrade process scouting devices so that scientists can get manufacturing quality data at the smallest scale. This cuts down the number of experiments necessary to gain greater insights in scale up/scale down testing.


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