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Real-time pH and dissolved oxygen data accelerate R&D and serve as Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) for product quality and process control in therapeutics manufacturing to meet regulatory requirements.

Bio Applications

Cell Culture

Traditionally, real-time data about monolayer and low-volume suspension cell cultures has not been available. Our ID • Sensors are creating a new paradigm where real-time pH and dissolved oxygen data is at your fingertips for every single T-flask. Pretty cool, right?

Affordable ID • Sensors are available for a wide range of T-flask and shake flask sizes, multi-well dishes and other culture plates. Agitation and/or environmental control can be added with the ID • Rocker and ID • Shaker.

Actionable, data-driven insights you can gain: when it’s time to split your cells, how often you should replace the media, how well-buffered your media is, if the dissolved oxygen levels are where they should be for your cell type and experimental objective, how agitation has impacted dissolved oxygen levels, and so much more!

Tissue And Organ Development

Tissue engineering may be taking longer than we all hoped to get to patients, but tissue-engineered medical products keep making steady progress. With some products already commercially available, and many more in the pipeline, in vitro culture systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and instrumented.
Whether you’re working with an R&D or production-scale bioreactor, real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen with the ID • Developer’s Kit will provide you actionable data about your static or dynamic culture. You can use this data to better understand the metabolic activity of your cells, replace or buffer your media, modify fluid flow rate or agitation, improve reproducibility, and develop predictive models for making harvest/continue/ discontinue culture decisions.


These emerging in vitro tools are platforms well-suited for drug development and personalized medicine, as well as the reduction of animal testing. However, incorporation of sensing strategies in these miniaturized systems is challenging. Our
ID • Developer’s Kit sensors can be as small as 4mm in diameter and fit in flow-through cells in the microfluidics loop or right into the tissue/organ micro-chamber. Fiber optic readers are also available for use with flow-though cells and other challenging geometries. Real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen in these microdevices may provide you the critical information you need to improve culture conditions and develop constructs that better mimic full size tissues and organs.


Low-volume vessels used for therapeutics development often lack real-time biosensing. R&D of biologics such as vaccines, blood components, cells, genes, and recombinant proteins is time-consuming and costly.

Introducing real-time data about key factors such as pH and dissolved oxygen early in the development process can fast-track your project and reveal sub-optimal conditions you were not aware of.

Whether you’re growing primary cells, cell lines, or microbial cultures, you start with low-volume vessels such as petri dishes, flasks and well plates to find the most promising experimental design.

Our optical sensors can help you:

  • Screen cultures with higher confidence to help you reduce time and cost
  • Provide reliable data for reproducible results with scaleup
  • Measure critical process parameters and critical quality attributes

Depending on your culture vessel, we offer a wide range of products to choose from in the handy guide below. If you are further along the scaleup process and interested in incorporating our single-use optical sensors in your manufacturing line, fill out our application questionnaire to get connected.

Culture Vessels

Shake Flask

Use with: ID • Developer's Kit,
ID • Shaker

Petri Dish, Multi-Well Plate

Use with: ID • Developer's Kit

Custom Bioreactor

Use with: ID • Developer's Kit

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