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At SBI, we develop leading-edge instruments that make the work of cell scientists,
like yourself, easier and more reproducible as you seek to de-risk new cell-based
therapeutic agents, grow artificial tissue faster and discover new drugs.

Let SBI help you gain actionable data-driven insights today.

Everything We
Do Is Bio

Our technologies are laser-focused on
bio applications: cell biology, tissue
engineering, biotech and pharma.

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Intelligent, Dynamic
(ID) Products

Real-Time In-Line pH and Dissolved
Oxygen Optical Sensors for Cell Culture

Our suite of products incorporates the most intelligent and dynamic sensing and cell culture-enabling technologies available today. SBI’s ID (intelligent and dynamic) instruments gather actionable data which can then be easily applied toward optimal cell cultivation.

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ID Fiber Optic Kit

Sensing versatility enabled by fiber optic technology.

Use with

  • Bioreactor Microvessel
  • Custom Bioreactor
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ID Developer’s Kit

When Your Culture System Is Unique

Use with

  • Shake Flask
  • petri dish multi-well plate
  • Bioreactor Microvessel
  • Custom Bioreactor

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It's Grow Time.

We celebrate the radical work that researchers do on a daily basis in an effort to
find cures for debilitating, life-threatening and terminal illnesses.

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