Our Leaders


John Moore


John is President of Scientific Bioprocessing and Chairman of the Board of our parent, Scientific Industries (SCND-OTCQX). He is a magnificent amateur — sometimes the emphasis on amateur and sometimes magnificent. His 2002 acquisition of interests in sixteen drug delivery businesses from Elan Pharmaceuticals really sparked his interest in life sciences.

He is an avid student of science and art. He is a blogger on how art can amplify science education at www.theageofwonder.com. He recently participated in the citizen scientist American Gut Project. John is a graduate of Rutgers University and earned a History degree. He loves to play cards and beat his girlfriend at Gin.

Bucky Polk

James "Bucky" Polk

Chief Commercial Officer

Bucky joins SBI with an extensive track record of commercialization excellence. Having spent over 24 years with Boston Scientific, Abbott and Philips in numerous roles, he brings a unique perspective to the team. He enjoys tackling brand new opportunities and putting process and procedures in place, especially when many don't think it can be done! In his most recent role for Philips, he was responsible for the customer relationships of the most important Interventional Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists around the globe. Colleagues and customers have said that his authenticity, candor and ability to connect with people are what set him apart from many. Bucky holds a Bachelors of Science from Skidmore College, where he played Ice hockey for all 4 years. Originally from Long Island NY, he has called San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago home before moving to Colorado in 2013. he lives in the south Denver area with his wife, two children and two dogs.


Joseph G. Cremonese

Chief Scientific Officer

Joe Cremonese has worked to improve the tools and equipment used by cell biologists and molecular biologists for 42 years. Prior to joining Scientific Bioprocessing as Chief Scientific Officer, he was Vice President of Corporate Planning for Fisher Scientific Company, Founder and President of Laboratory Innovation Company, Ltd., President of Proteomics, Incorporated, and a Director of Scientific Industries, Inc. In July of 1992, Joe Cremonese licensed one of his patented technologies to Aastrom Biosciences for development into an ex-vivo stem cell growth and differentiation system.

In 2006, working with the late Dr. Joseph Qualitz, a co-founder of Fluorometrix, Inc., and Dr. Govind Rao of UMBC, Joe Cremonese endeavored to establish a commercial pathway for UMBC patented technologies utilizing bioprocessing methods and equipment developed by Fluorometrix. In 2013, as a director of Scientific Industries, Joe Cremonese recommended and assisted Scientific Industries in the acquisition of the assets of Fluorometrix. As Chief Scientific Officer of Scientific Bioprocessing, Joe Cremonese continues his efforts to implement improvements in the applications of improved tools and protocols for modern bioprocess endeavors.


Richard Rodgers

Senior Product Engineer

Mr. Rodgers is at the forefront of the engineering and product development efforts for biosensing systems at Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. Richard's responsibility is improving the product development life cycle and operational processes while leading a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists. Richard's product engineering and leadership experience spans over three decades across a wide range of diverse industries at world-leading manufacturing companies. These industries include spectrometry & spectroscopy devices, scientific laboratory equipment, robotic and automated devices, industrial machinery, rehabilitative mobility devices, life safety equipment, consumer goods, and outdoor recreational equipment.

He earned an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Industrial Design from Penn State University. He has numerous patents. He enjoys attending church. He’s an accomplished martial artist & swordsman. His hobbies include expeditionary backpacking and fishing. He resides in Southwest Pennsylvania with his family.


Scott Anderson

Systems Integration Engineer

Scott serves as the synapse between hardware and software development and brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to Scientific Bioprocessing. He is as comfortable with a set of wire cutters and soldering iron in his hands as he is with a keyboard and compiler. Some of Scott’s experience includes programming a database for calculating ocean freight shipping and tariff rates, displaying 3D graphics for facial recognition software, industrial automation involving PLC and motion control in manufacturing settings, and the creation of scientific instrumentation hardware and software systems for hyperspectral imaging.

Scott has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from West Virginia University and a M.S. in Communications and Information Systems from Robert Morris University where he graduated with Alpha Iota Mu Honors. Scott enjoys health and fitness topics, weight lifting, qigong, playing guitar and bass, and RV camping with his wife and two sons.


Dr. Sandy Williams

Biomedical Engineering Expert

Dr. Chrysanthi (Sandy) Williams is a biomedical engineering expert focused on regenerative medicine. Dr. Sandy completed her B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering in 1998 from the National Technical University of Athens and her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in 2003 from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Her doctoral thesis was focused on the development of bioreactors for small diameter tissue-engineered vascular grafts. She continued her postdoctoral training at the University of Minnesota in heart valve and vascular graft tissue engineering while consulting for ElectroForce Systems Group of Bose Corporation on the development of the BioDynamic Test Instrument product line. Dr. Sandy joined Bose Corporation in 2005 and spent 10 years in various roles and positions. She worked as an applications engineer, market manager for tissue engineering and biomaterials, biologics business unit manager and director of market/product vision development and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Sandy has authored several papers in peer-reviewed journals, is co-inventor on five tissue engineering bioreactor patents, and has presented at numerous international conferences. Dr. Sandy is very actively engaged in volunteer professional activities in the biomedical field: she co-chaired the development of an ASTM standard guide for characterization of tissue engineered vascular grafts, is an invited reviewer of submitted manuscripts to the Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering journals and Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, is a program evaluator for biomedical engineering programs for ABET, and a grant reviewer for NSF. Her consulting company, Access Biomedical Solutions, provides product development and marketing strategy support to medical devices, regenerative medicine and biotech companies.


Jake Boy

Senior Application Scientist

Jake is on the ground floor at SBI, testing products and problem solving for each customer’s unique application. His role at SBI includes relating the world of the scientist to the world of engineers and product designers. He is dedicated to improving the science surrounding cell culture, which aligns perfectly with SBI’s goal of creating and maintaining physiologically-relevant and accurate target culture conditions.

Jake earned his B.A. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. He has a professional background in research labs, genetics, and cell culturing. When he is not at the SBI lab, Jake enjoys playing outside, bluegrass music, recreational sports, and collecting acoustic instruments. He is currently growing his hair long to help fit in with the trendy biotech crowd.


Jim Clancy

Research Scientist

Jim is a manufacturing technician for SBI and is responsible for sensor production as well as line assembly of ID products.

He is a continuing student from the University of Delaware, working on his Biology degree. When Jim is not hands-on at the lab, he enjoys working on cars, fishing, hiking, and going to the gym with his friends. He once won a high school track race with only one shoe on.


Kenneth J. Kato

Senior R&D Scientist

Ken gained his sensor and business experience at Fisher Scientific Company where he held a number of positions including Application Chemist in the analytical instrumentation and electrochemistry product areas, Product Development Chemist/Engineer in pH and ion selective electrode products and General Manager of the Electrochemistry business unit. In 1990, Ken and several Fisher Scientific colleagues founded Excel Technology Inc., a contract product development company in laboratory and medical instrumentation, where he served as president and general manager. Ken has been instrumental in the development and refinement of SBI’s sensor technology and in building up our laboratory capabilities.

Ken has degrees in Chemistry and Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. He lives in Murrysville PA with his wife Kathleen and their wonderful Shih Tzu Brandi. They enjoy traveling to Oregon and Philadelphia to visit their grown children and five grandchildren as well as frequent vacations to Hawaii, Myrtle Beach SC and Florida.

Dante Freeman

Dante Freeman

Application Scientist

Dante Freeman is SBI’s newest Applications Scientist. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Science in Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. During his undergraduate career, he worked at UD’s neurobiology lab researching neurobiological mechanisms of emotional learning and memory in rat brains. After concluding that project, he pursued a research project in UD’s molecular dynamics chemistry laboratory, studying the molecular dynamics of the motor protein dynein. His research interests are CRISPR applications, molecular dynamics of proteins and viruses, and organ tissue regeneration. In his free time, Dante enjoys gaming, writing, and creating artwork. He also greatly enjoys weightlifting and martial arts.


Doug Koebler

Instrument Design Engineer

Mr. Koebler supports the design and testing activities at Scientific Bioprocessing. Doug has extensive experience in instrument design. He has over 40 years engineering and management experience developing instruments for environment control of biological materials, safety monitoring, histology, gas detection and microscopic imaging.

He earned a B.S in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He also has a B.S. in Physics from California University of Pennsylvania with 26 years teaching Physics. He retired from Seton Hill University in 2017. Doug enjoys fishing, skiing, 3D building and printing, wood and machine shop work, biking and traveling to see his children and the grandkids.


Mike Tolosa

Mike was the first employee of our predecessor company Fluorometrix in 2003. Along with the two co-founders, Dr. Joe Qualitz and Govind Rao, he was responsible for developing the original products and sensors. Previously he worked at Perkin Elmer on many varieties of analytical instruments, including Fluorometers. Mike is an Aerospace Engineer with a bachelor's degree from a University in Manila, Philippines. Today he works part time at UMBC CAST and at SBI. Like his co-workers at CAST he spends a lot of time staring into space.