Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ)

Biomass Monitoring in Shake Flasks

Biomass Monitoring in Shake Flasks

The CGQ is a sensor-based technology that offers highly parallelized, non-invasive online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks and other cultivation vessels. Our biomass sensors are easy to install under the shake flask and monitor the biomass through the glass or plastic wall by backscatter measurements. This enables you to follow the growth of your culture in real time and gather actionable insights.

Key Facts

For a broad range of organisms

  • Bacteria, archaea, fungi, yeast, algae, plant cells, and more

For all shake flask sizes

  • Compatible with different shake flask sizes: 100mL to 5000mL

Compatible with various cultivation vessels

  • Shake flasks, serum bottles, Schott bottles, and others

Highly parallelized measurements

  • Monitor up to 64 shake flasks in parallel on one laptop

Works on all types of shakers

  • Compatible with any shaker and clamps as well as sticky stuff

Powerful software

  • CGQuant Software for advanced data analytics

Use With

  • Shake Flask
  • Serum Bottle

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