Liquid Injection System (LIS)

Automated Feeding for Shake Flasks

Automated Feeding for Shake Flasks

LIS is the first easy-to-use technology for automated feeding of liquids in shake flasks. It consists of three components: a sterile single-use cartridge, the drive, and the LIS software. Fill the cartridge with up to 25ml of any type of liquid, define your feeding profile in the LIS software and install the cartridge and drive on the flask (compatible with any 38mm straight neck shake flask). LIS will now run your chosen feeding profile and help you to unlock feeding applications on a shake flask level.

Key Facts

Wireless control and monitoring

  • Control and monitor your feeding experiments wirelessly with the LIS software

Easy to install and use

  • Fill the sterile cartridge, program the LIS drive and start feeding your culture

Compatible with various substances

  • Sugars (e.g., 50% glucose), alcohols (e.g., 75% methanol), glycerol (up to 75%), acids, bases, inductors (e.g., IPTG), antifoam, and more

For a broad range of applications

  • Fed-batch, gene induction, pH regulation, inoculation, toxicity assays, and more

Create any feeding profile you want

  • Single or multi shot, exponential or constant feeding and many more

Flexible feeding rates

  • From 100µl droplets to 1mL / min feeding rate

Use With

  • Shake Flask

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